Rivendell Touring Bikes

Rivendell Bicycles are painstakingly conceived, engineered and manufactured using an age-old process of lugged steel construction.  Led by bike legend, Grant Peterson, Rivendell is beginning to make more affordable yet incredibly stylish and high production value bikes which we're excited to sell.

Surly Touring Bikes

Surly is legendary for popularizing unique bikes that become mainstays of the cycling world.  They were among the first to embrace single speeds, 29ers, fat tire bikes.  Our favorite Surly bikes blend elements of different bike styles to achieve a useful, unique and versatile transportation machine.


Soma Touring Bikes

Since 2007, Soma Fabrications has been exclusively using Tange Prestige butted CrMo steel. Tange’s heat-treatment process lets us offer our strongest frames ever, but still at a fair price. And the ride is lively and smooth like buttah.