Brompton Folding Bikes

A Brompton is the perfect bicycle for the city. It folds down to a portable, practical size so can be taken on other forms of public and private transport. It can also be taken inside (homes, offices, bars) so it is a lot less likely to be stolen.

GoCycle Folding Electric Bikes

The GoCycle GS and G3 are designed to enhance your ride experience, simplify ebike design and shave weight. GoCycle is our lightest weight folding electric bike, coming in as low as 36.3 lbs. A one size fits all design and a fully integrated motor and battery make this a bike that must be seen to be appreciated. 

Tern Folding Bikes

Tern folding bicycles are built for light weight, performance and durability. We offer a range of compact folding bikes, electric folding bikes from Tern as well as a unique cargo bike partnership with Xtracycle (shown below).


Xtracycle Folding Cargo Bikes

Xtracycle teamed up with technical folding bike manufacturer Tern who has developed a super-strong hinge designed to meet the needs of a folding cargo bicycle.