Riese & Müller Family Bikes

Riese & Müller family bikes are uniquely engineered vehicles that blend family utility, electric assist and suspension into a comfortable, functional package. Each one is hand built in Germany to your specifications.

Bullitt Family Bikes

Larry and Harry based the Bullitt design principles on the classic Danish Long John. It had to be strong, fast and reliable. But the Bullitt had to be much more than just functional: it had to be sexy.

Xtracycle Family Bikes

Twenty years ago, an idealistic Stanford engineering student, Ross Evans, landed in war-torn Nicaragua. In a tin and cinder-block shed, he welded together a revolutionary invention: a long-tail cargo bike that empowered farmers to pedal their produce to market.

Yuba Family Bikes

Yuba Bicycles makes a range of solid cargo bikes built for heavy hauling. We've been a Yuba retailer since we opened and they're one of our top brands precisely because of the solidity of the product. 

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Tern Family Bikes

Tern's focus on innovation, durability, affordability and utility is hard to miss when riding their bikes.  As a folding bike company, Tern specializes in building bikes that are supremely compact & adjustable.

Urban Arrow Family Bikes

Urban Arrow Family provides integrated seating for as many as three kids. It’s the safest, most comfortable way to pedal the whole family. The kids will say it’s the most fun.